Posted by: The Malt House | July 2, 2010


As we journey through life, our friends and acquaintances are the lights that guide our way.

Some are like cat’s eyes on the road. They appear in great numbers, guide us and then fade away. Others are like streetlights. They spread their light around us and make us feel secure.

We journey on through life and these lights appear, light our way, and then we pass them by. If we choose to look back, we can continue to see them for a while longer. But we risk missing the lights that are ahead.

There are times when we find ourselves going forward into the dark. We do not know where or when the next light will appear. But if we have faith and friendship in our hearts new lights will appear and add further value to our lives.

Friendship is a beacon for us all. It’s light shines strongly, far and wide. It provides guidance, comfort and warmth to those who know us. As we journey on, through the peaks and troughs of our lives, we should remember that light and look for it as it shines brightly in the distance.

Shine brightly dear friends…. Shine brightly!


  1. So true David, as i will always remebrr meeting you at the sevices on the M1, and the plate of jalapenoes you ate , that very often lights up my day the sight of your red face .lol

    • LOL! I remember it well Bernie! Some friends will forever light the way….

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