Posted by: The Malt House | January 26, 2011

Small Creatures

Nature slumbers, bathed in the blue-white gaze of the crescent moon. A myriad of stars pierce the velvet inky sky; they shimmer and dance, each one vying to catch the eye of the night time traveller.

A Tawny owls screech shreds the silence causing small creatures everywhere to freeze in their tracks. Whiskers tremble and tiny noses quiver, testing the air while bulbous black eyes scan the horizon. Delicate ears twist and turn, listening for the faintest trace of air combing through feather.  

A crash of feather and talon through grass and a single squeal rings out; one tiny life extinguished and a larger one maintained. 

Muffled silence returns. The game of statues played out for now.


  1. It is amazing how loud the beat of wings are when
    All is calm.
    I have fed hawks and kestrels white mice from the pet store just to witness what you have described.

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