Posted by: The Malt House | February 14, 2011

My Bunny Valentine

She raised herself onto her haunches and gave her paw several licks, before pulling down her right ear and giving it a thorough clean. A gentle breeze carried the smell of new grass and rich fertile earth to their noses and ruffled her downy fur.  He adored the way her nose and whiskers twitched, and the way she would gently bump her cheek against his when they were alone. His big brown eyes gazed into hers, his love undiminished by the passing of time.

Above their heads Venus, the Goddess of love, smiles benignly over the Earth as the first traces of sunlight chased away the darkness and the chill of the night. She offered her nose, and as he leant forward to touch it with his kiss, she whispered gently in his ear… I love you.

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