Posted by: The Malt House | June 7, 2011


A.N. Other

1958 – To Date

Time marches on, relentlessly ticking seconds off our lives. We’re born bringing nothing but our spirit into this world. When our allotted time is over, we take that spirit and our memories with us…

To measure our worth it’s not the dates that count; it’s our dash between these dates; the achievements and memories that we share with those around. That time is ours and must be spent; let’s try to spend it wisely!



  1. the dash indeed!

    • Hope you like it… and that your dash is a long and prosperous one! :o) David Harker The Malt House, Henley, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 3ET T: 01584 877019 M: 07834 841528 E:

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