Hi! and many thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you find my brief comments interesting.

I live in South Shropshire, a beautiful part of rural England on the border between England and Wales. I’m a keen amateur landscape photographer, and I enjoy travel, walking and reading. My work in IT leads me to various parts of Europe, where I have the pleasure of indulging in the above passions.

Most of the comments you will see here come from my early morning journey to work, over one of the two Clee Hills; Titterstone and Brown. On winding and hilly roads, with views across the Severn River valley, nature reveals itself in so many forms. The plants and animals are a constant source of wonder, amusement and inspiration .



  1. Morning, David
    Welcome to blogging….it may be the first and last thing you do every day….

  2. Wow, David… I’ve just discovered my first blogger – poetry, photographs and all…wonderful! x

    • Anyone I know Debbie? Sounds like they’ve got a nice blog going???? :o)

  3. Nice place you have here.

  4. Hi David,
    Just wanted to thank you for for stopping by my photo blog and the kind comment you sent me. I live in a rural area as well (albeit across the pond) and can relate to the wonders that show up there. Thanks again!

    • Sorry for the long delay in replying! It’s my pleasure – you have a wonderful eye and I really enjoy your blog!

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